About Laryssa


I’m Laryssa, one half of the R.O.W team. I have a plethora of hobbies, almost all of them are bookish.

When I’m not reading, writing, or working on Rule of Words, I’m running a bookish Etsy called The Bookish Nook Shop (shameless plug) where I make a bunch of cute bookish crafts. I also work full time in accounting, but I plan to move towards a more literary career once I complete my Bachelors degree in Creative Writing and English in 2025. My ultimate goal with my degree is to go into publishing, maybe even run my own publishing company someday that caters towards Indie Authors.

Reading and writing have always been my passion. I started reading when I was three and it got to a point where my parent’s used “no reading” as a punishment when I got in trouble. I love many genres, but have recently fallen in love adult romantic comedies. They are so comforting. My favorites are “The Ex Talk” by Rachel Lynn Solomon and “The Hating game” by Sally Thorne.

I completed my first manuscript when I was 13 years old. The story was terrible and had plot holes galore, but it was complete! Since then, I’ve started about a million projects and I’m still working on many of them. I partake in NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month) every year in November and both Camp Nano’s in April and July.

I have a few projects that I’m currently working on. A dark adult fantasy that revolves around a fallen princess, female warriors, and a beautifully diverse and interesting cast of characters. The other is a contemporary fiction that hits close to home. We lost my grandmother earlier this month (August 10th) to colon cancer. This book is dedicated to her and the woman she helped form me into. This will be my debut novel.

Outside of reading and writing, I’m a step mom to the coolest kid, an avid watcher of Friends and Frasier, and an absolute pasta fanatic. I love all things noodles. I also have a big fluffy dog named Bo (a stubborn and beautiful German Shepherd/Husky mix) and a goofy Blue Tongued Skink lizard named Apollo.

First Impression of Coll

Coll and I were brought together by our mutual love and participation in Nano. I had posted about Nano on my Instagram and she came up as an account “I may be interested in.” Her author photo was so intriguing I clicked on her account and immediately started following her. Eventually I reached out to her to ask her about her project and we started talking, the rest is history. Fast forward almost two years (?!) and she’s my best friend I’ve never met. We live on completely opposite sides of the country, and yet we work so well together. Since then, we’ve talked almost every day about any and everything. We’ve both been through a lot of ups and downs through the last two years (thank god for social media for giving me a new friend at the start of a pandemic) and our bond has grown stronger by the day. I swear we are the same person right down to our favorite childhood board game (CandyLand, of course.) I have never been more excited to enter into an adventure like this with anyone, Coll really makes the best business partner and one of the best friends I’ve ever had. She’s crazy talented (like, THREE degrees in writing talented) and everything she writes gives me chills. I can’t wait until I get to own one of her books and tell everyone that I met her before she was a published author. I couldn’t be luckier to have a BFF that’s so far away yet always there for me. Here’s to the R.O.W team!

Happy Reading/Writing everyone. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.💖