Book of The Month

We love getting our Book of the Month every month! This is where most of our buddy reads come from. If you’d like to become a Book of the Month member, please follow this link to their website. Have questions? Their website lists exactly how the process works and you’re free to skip any months you want!

Here, we’ll share our Book of the Month picks every month! Be prepared we always get the add-ons! 🤷‍♀️ Find our reviews under the Reviews tab or under the Buddy Reads tab.

*DISCLAIMER* We are not sponsored or affiliated with Book of the Month (BOTM) in any way. We are actual customers and no portion of your sign-up or picks go to us. We just want to spread the reading love!

JULY 2021 BOTM Picked by both of us

AUGUST 2021 BOTM Picked by both of us