About Coll

I am Colleen-Marie, one half of R.O.W. And to quote Walt Whitman: “I contain multitudes”.

My first love was reading and that hasn’t changed. Being raised on Stephen King from an early age, I always had an affinity towards horror, taking comfort in it in a way many people will never understand. From there my adoration of reading grew. Reading obsessively sparked the desire to create my own stories, and I discovered the talent for writing I had inside me.

I went to college for six years and got three Bachelors Degrees: English Language, Creative Writing, and Literature. I work a “regular job” but don’t let it get in the way. When writing is part of your soul and your brain is constantly spewing weird and creative thoughts, you do whatever it takes to put words to paper. I take part in NaNoWriMo every November, since 2014, never missing the 50k goal. My main genres I write are dystopian and fantasy, written with a desire to try to get under people’s skin. I finally plan to self-publish my first novel in 2022.

As for other interests, I’ve always been a hardcore gamer since my Atari 2600 in 1983 to my Series X now. I also have an obsession with Forensic Science, and yes, I see how a girl who finds horror comforting and is obsessed with forensics could sound creepy. But don’t worry, trust me. I find space fascinating and enjoy learning everything I can about the universe and possibility of others. I thrive off the ocean and try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I’m also a huge hockey and baseball fan, loyal to my New York Rangers and New York Yankees. Most importantly, I am a cat mom to two lovable and psycho cats.

As a person I am, in the simplest terms, just me, but in the more complex and honest way I am something I sometimes can’t even explain. Let’s just go with a self-conscious, introverted, imagination phenom with occasional bouts of brilliance and lunacy.

First Impression of Laryssa

Over the years of NaNoWriMo I’ve had many writing buddies but none that I ever connected with. When Laryssa got in touch with me I knew there was something different, she seemed like someone I knew already. We hit it off instantly, to the point where we basically talk every single day. It’s as if we’ve been friends forever. She is quirky and odd like me, we have our moments when our brains break, and we laugh uncontrollably, and we’ve always been brutally honest with each other in the most appreciated way. I feel like the universe had us meet for a reason, as she came into my life at one of the roughest times I’ve had and helped pull me through a lot of darkness. Laryssa is one of those friends you see someone have on a show or movie and think “man I want a friend like that”. She has no qualms about being straightforward and smacking sense into me when I need it, which I often do. Basically, she is my friendship soulmate. When the opportunity came up for us to start a blog and podcast together it seemed like a no-brainer. We’ve always shared our love of writing and reading with each other so why not share it with the other writers and bibliophiles out there? I’m beyond excited to be business partners with her and see where this venture takes us and what else we try our hands at. What I know for sure is no matter what we do, we will always have fun and that’s what matters most. Cheers to Laryssa for being Laryssa, NaNoWriMo for bringing us together, and R.O.W for letting us pursue what we love even more. If you ever question how powerful words are, they were able to being two girls from across the country together as best friends and business partners.